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50% Capital Budget Reduction for Outdoor Gear Exchange

November 12, 2012

Kilawatt® Technologies determined that the continued operation of half of the roof top units was negatively impacting the interior environment and energy consumption. We removed two of the units from operation and reduced the third to just providing a circulation fan function; no heating or mechanical cooling was provided by this unit.


Brandywine Realty Trust Cuts Energy Use >15 Tons, Cuts Carbon >200 Tons

August 3, 2012

Kilawatt ® Technologies reduced the building's total energy consumption, including individual Tenant Loads and Mechanical Systems, by more than 15%. This included a reduction in the heating and ventilation systems energy consumption of more than 26%.


Great Savings for Burton Snowboard

August 1, 2012

During the hottest June on record in Vermont, Kilawatt® Technologies reduced Burton Snowboard's average cooling load to a nominal 8% of capacity. Even on the hottest day of the month, the facility was utilizing just 26% of the installed cooling capacity. Moreover, only when looking at the hottest hour of the hottest day did the cooling capacity reach 50%.


Pizzagalli Newest Member of the 100-Ton Club

May 24, 2010

Pizzagalli Properties is now a member of the 100-ton Club. Through their focused and diligent efforts, they have documented savings of more than 100-tons of carbon dioxide on an annual basis from their building on Harvest Lane, in Williston VT. They achieved these reductions within 11 months of initiating the Kilawatt® Program.

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